Thursday, July 12, 2012

why of all the ...

while researching data backup solutions, i found that many people were recommending justcloud. so i thought i'd try it. this is because i was too lazy to go to the shops to buy an external harddrive.

then, halfway through the backup i figured "actually, i'm just going to buy an external harddrive. goodbye, justcloud i don't think i need your services at this point in time".

what followed was days of passive aggressive e-mails that border on emotional blackmail culminating in this:

silly jamie...

i like how it starts off really quite casual, then immediately apologetic, then cajoling, back to apologetic, then conciliatory and finally, the veiled threat. the man takes the "personal" in personal account manager very seriously.

dear jamie,
thank you for your concern, i shall take that risk of being *dun dun DUNNNNNN* unprotected. i think this is the right decision for both of us as judging by your reaction, the relationship is starting to get unhealthy before it's really even begun.

farewell, jamie. i too am sorry that it didn't work out for us.

Monday, June 21, 2010


no, i have not fallen off the face of the planet.

after an spending an interminable 5 billion years at uni, 3 days more and i shall no longer just be samuraibunny, i will be samuraibunny m.arch, and life will be brilliant.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

11 days to final submission. arrrgghghghhhhhh

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

so she neglects the blog for months, and when she finally does post, it's an extended fart joke.

i know you're singing and dancing along though. hoohoohoo!

Minna atsumare!
Onara taisou no jikan da yo!
Onara Taisou Ou~~!
San hai

genki ni dasou ii oto dasou
ookiku tatte chiisaku tatte
douse onnaji onara damon
te~ wa koshi ni saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~

minna de dasou waratte dasou
tousan datte kaasan datte
minna onnaji onara damon
so~ra takaku saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~

nandaka dasou mou sugu dasou
genki na onara kawaii onara
kondo wa donna no derun darou
so~re minna de saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~ (detaa)

in english:

Everyone gather here!
It’s time for fart exercise
fart exercise! Ooh!
Get ready

Let’s emit a good sound, energetically emitted.
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
No matter is a big one, or a small one,
They are all the same fart anyway
Let’s put your hand on the waist and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~.

Let’s emit together with smile on your face,
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
No matter is father’s or mother’s,
they are all the same fart anyway.
In sky high and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~.

what will come out? It’s going to out soon.
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
a healthy fart? or a cute one
but what kind of fart will emit this time?
So everyone get ready
Hey Hey PU~~~~ Finally it’s out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

studio612 is back!